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White Papers

Advanced Analytics

Learn how INSIGHT's software handles complex supply chains.

Big Data

Our proprietary solver, the X-system, was designed to solve network optimization models, including large, complex supply chains.

Capacity Planning

The impact of capacity management can be felt throughout an organization. It is critical to monitor and adjust capacity levels and policies. Utilizing a strategic network design tool allows an organization to objectively evaluate its extended supply chain, considering all costs and business policies.

Duties and Taxes

It is important not to ignore duties and taxes, they can be major drivers of global supply chain strategy. Learn about why we made sure to include them explicitly in SAILS.

International Supply Chains

International supply chains have additional complexity and hidden costs. Learn about the issues when dealing with global supply chains and how INSIGHT's SAILS product can address them.


Case Studies

Johnson and Johnson

Healthcase consumer packaged goods giant J&J used INSIGHT technology to streamline manufacturing and distribution in 7 European countries.


Using SAILS, Toyota discovered it could save $2 million by reconfiguring its distribution network.