Fast, Powerful Optimization Software

SAILS is a strategic supply chain optimization package that is used to optimize and analyze supply chains from end to end, allowing you to find the least cost network and help you outsmart your competition.

Using SAILS for supply chain network analyses results in improved ability to meet customer demand, reduced lead times, reduced inventory holding costs, and improvement in overall performance. This is particularly important in today's highly competitive business environment, where customers expect fast and reliable delivery of products and services.

SAILS can be used for a variety of analyses, allowing you to save money and learn what drives your network. Some examples of the types of analysis SAILS can be used for include:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Putting multiple supply chains together can be complicated. Use SAILS to identify synergies and cost savings in the combined network.


Is demand for your products seasonal? Use SAILS to plan for the best time and place to make and store products in anticipation of demand peaks.

Supply Chain Risk

Understand where your supply chain is vulnerable and learn about ways to harden the supply chain as well as to develop contingency plans so you are prepared when interruptions occur.

Production Planning

Balance costs and capacity limits to find an optimal network that meets your demand.

Profit Maximization

Determine the supply chain network that produces the greatest profit, identifying demand with low or negative profit.