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Lowering fuel costs and transportation spend, optimizing mileage, reducing emissions, and more are key concerns of transportation planners. Operationally, transportation planners need to route orders by determining which combination of modes, carriers, and vehicles will return the lowest overall transportation cost. Tactically, transportation planners must make decisions about transportation policies, such as the cost and benefit of a private fleet, pool point location, and building truckloads (TLs) with stop-offs.

INSIGHT provides transportation planning tools that help customers make planning decisions that save the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Transportation Strategy: Using INSIGHT’s strategic transportation planning tools, planners can make routing decisions in minutes instead of hours - and know that the decisions will minimize the cost. Based on your rates and order set, INSIGHT will evaluate thousands of variables to generate the best dispatch for a given set of orders. It will also show you where costs are in your transportation system and how they can be managed. It determines the best method for sending orders including when to use TL (with or without stop-offs), how to lower costs by adding pools, and whether static or dynamic sourcing works best for your company. It honors the real world constraints in your system such as high customer demands, carrier commitments, vehicle and carrier capacities, and fixed routes, but also offers users full control to make changes within the software. Typical savings are between 7 and 17% of transportation costs.

INSIGHT Transportation Optimization Server (ITOS): ITOS augments an order fulfillment system or TMS to improve dispatch quality with an efficient and cost-saving architecture. It exploits the opportunities to use TL, TL with stop-offs, pooling, and dedicated fleets while capturing savings not currently realized. Given a set of orders that have been rated for direct carrier options such as LTL alone or TL alone, the route generator creates efficient routes that consolidate orders into truckloads in such a way that the truckloads are cheaper than sending the orders by themselves.

INSIGHT Bid Analyzer (IBA) enables a collaborative approach to transportation procurement and allows shippers to purchase transportation services in the most efficient, cost effective manner. By offering carriers a detailed, holistic view of your entire network, INSIGHT enables the carriers to employ flexible bidding strategies that accurately reflect their operational capabilities and capacities. The result is a more realistic and actionable pricing proposal from the carrier.


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