Mr. Bill Albright has seventeen years of experience in computer software design and programming. He specializes in the human engineering and software architecture of management support systems, graphical interfaces, and multimedia computer-based training systems. He has designed and built applications in capacity planning, production scheduling, image processing, medical database mining, personnel assignment, and many other areas.

Mr. Albright earned a B.S. degree in computer science from Yale University and an M.S. in operations research from Columbia University.


Mr. Thomas Cork is currently an independent consultant focused on Supply Chain Analytics. For over 25 years he was responsible for the strategic planning of a distribution network of facilities serving the domestic Acute Care Hospital market, beginning with Baxter Healthcare and continuing through a spin-off and acquisition by Cardinal Health. While employed by Baxter/Cardinal, he guided a team responsible for strategic, tactical, and operational changes to the network and extended the analytical focus on supply chain costs into the arena of Customer and Product Profitability. Since retiring from Cardinal in 2008, he has become an INSIGHT Associate and has supported a number of SAILS projects for independent clients.

Mr. Cork was a founding member of the INSIGHT Users Group and has been an active user of SAILS for over 25 years. He has two degrees from Purdue University: a MS of Industrial Administration degree from Purdues Krannert Graduate School and a BS in Aeronautical Engineering. He is also a retired USAF Reserve officer and has shared his experiences and learnings at national meetings of both INFORMS and CSCMP.


Dr. Robert Dell is Professor of Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School. His research interests include integer and combinatorial optimization, particularly as applied to problems of mathematical programming within both industry and the federal government. He has been especially active in the areas of strategic logistics system design and production planning.

Dr. Dell earned his Ph.D. in industrial engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Dr. Terry Harrison is Professor of Management Science in the Smeal College of Business at Pennsylvania State University and a Director of INSIGHT. Prior to joining Penn State, Dr. Harrison spent six years in industry as an operations research analyst. He also has experience consulting to federal and state governments. His research interests are in the areas of management of natural resources, large-scale production/distribution systems, especially relating to supply chain design, and decision making in the context of multiple, conflicting objectives. He serves as Deputy Editor of Electronic Publications at Interfaces and as Associate Editor for Operations Research.

Dr. Harrison earned his Ph.D. in management science from The University of Tennessee.


Mr. Tom Halwachs is the Chief Information Officer and Senior Lecturer of Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School. His interests include simulation and modeling, Geographic Information Systems, systems integration and web based development. He has over twenty five years experience in development and implementation of computer based management support systems.

Mr. Halwachs earned his M.S. degree in operations research from the Naval Postgraduate School.


Mr. Allen Paschke has worked with INSIGHT software products for fifteen years, both as a client and as a consultant. He has twenty-five years of experience in Logistics, Operations Research, and Project Management at leading firms including Ryder Integrated Logistics, Mars, Inc., Pepsico, and Ralston Purina.

Mr. Paschke earned a B.S. degree in computer science from Missouri-Rolla and an M.B.A. in Management Science from Washington University in St. Louis.


Dr. Christopher Ritz began his consulting career twenty years ago with the Busch and Wharton Applied Research Centers at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to his work in logistics network design, his special interests include the design of inventory and customer service strategies.

Dr. Ritz earned a degree in economics from M.I.T. He earned an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. in business administration from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Ritz has served on the faculties of several business schools, most recently as a Visiting Professor in Wharton's Executive M.B.A. Program.


Mr. Steven Robeano is currently on Ohio State University's Marketing faculty as Adjunct Lecturer in Logistics. He was employed at the Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories in Engineering, Materials Management, and Logistics from 1966 through 1997. Before retiring from Ross in 1997, his most recent assignment was designing and implementing Ross' Vendor Managed Inventory and other Logistics Partnering programs. He has worked with INSIGHT on network, inventory, and production models for over fifteen years while he was at Ross and since his retirement. He is a past president of the Columbus Roundtable of the Council of Logistics Management and has served as both track chairman and speaker at several of the Council's national and regional conferences.

Mr. Robeano has a Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from the Ohio State University and a Master's in business administration from Capital University. His areas of expertise include forecasting and inventory planning, large-scale network modeling, and facility location.


Dr. David Ronen is Professor and Area Coordinator for Management Science and Information Systems at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. His expertise is in the applications of management support systems to logistics and production problems. He has operational experience in international trade, manufacturing, purchasing, and commercial shipping.

Dr. Ronen earned his Ph.D. in business logistics from The Ohio State University, and his M.S. in operations research from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Dr. Ronen has published numerous articles and makes frequent presentations to professional societies. He is a recognized authority on ship scheduling and load planning.


Mr. Cary Spanbauer holds dual M.S. degrees from the University of Wisconsin in quantitative analysis and distribution management. Mr. Spanbauer did modeling and analysis for Oscar Mayer for two years prior to joining Andersen Consulting where he served as project manager for several SAILS modeling projects during his three years there. He spent two years as a Project Manager for a transportation consulting company where he acquired an in-depth understanding of the transportation industry. Mr. Spanbauer has strong analytical skills, knows logistics, and has several years experience using SAILS for supply chain optimization studies.


Mr. Michael Urban is founder and president of Urban IT-Consulting GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. His company specializes in client specific application development, creation of specialized program components, and enterprise level database interface and administration. Prior to forming his company Mr. Urban held a position with a major German banking firm for nine years working in mainframe database administration to include development, installation, and operation. His advanced level education was taken at the Hamburg Professional School where his area of study was business and data processing with emphasis on understanding business problems and requirements and resolving them through technology.


Dr. Kevin Wood is Associate Professor of Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School. His areas of interest include network models and optimization techniques, network and system reliability, and combinatorial optimization.

Dr. Wood earned his Ph.D. in operations research from the University of California, Berkeley, and his M.S. in operations research from Columbia University. He has developed efficient algorithms for computing reliability of power, water, and highway networks subject to earthquake hazards, as well as for computing network and system reliability in more general settings. Dr. Wood's current research efforts are directed to development and application of network optimization techniques to distribution and production planning models.




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