World Leader in Supply Chain Strategy

Insight was founded in 1978 with the sole purpose of applying world-class decision technology to complex strategic, tactical and operational supply chain problems. Since then we have established long-term collaborative relationships with an impressive list of Fortune 1000 clients, enabling them to maintain a competitive edge, regardless of industry. Whether the firm is an established global giant, an emerging industry leader, a third party provider, or even a start-up, our software and services offer the power, flexibility and ease of use that point the way to superior decisions and maximum financial impact.

Today, INSIGHT, Inc is a leading global supplier of strategic supply chain planning software and consulting services. Our commercial and custom solutions are designed specifically to meet daunting challenges in a dynamic, global marketplace. Using Insight’s SAILS software, clients perform a variety of analyses including strategic supply chain design, strategic sourcing/outsourcing/resourcing, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, production and capacity planning. INSIGHT consultants are experts in supply chain design with extensive experience and passion for supply chain analysis. In addition to affordable site pricing for corporations, we offer flexible options for consultants.